Accurate and Realistic Valuation

You should always look to sell your property at the best possible price and in the shortest possible time.

Gaining an accurate and realistic valuation is an integral part of achieving that desired outcome. Our experienced team take pride in their market knowledge. They will ensure that your property is marketed at a value that will enable you not only to sell but at the maximum price possible.

Call us on 01788 576680 for a free market appraisal or complete online property valuation form.

Choosing Your Estate Agent

When choosing an agent there are many factors that you should consider:

  • Fees
  • Agents Open Hours
  • Equipment they use for photography (DSLR CAMERA)
  • Extensive local knowledge
  • Publicity, local paper, rightmove and over web portals
  • Is your agent regulated?

Appoint a Solicitor

A good solicitor is worth their weight in gold. When appointing a solicitor ensure that they are a conveyancing specialist. Remember that value is not always determined by price. The success rate of property purchases can be significantly increased by the instruction of an efficient and experienced solicitor.

Picklescott Homes has a selection of proven solicitors who would be happy to oversee your property transaction. Please as for further details.

Presenting Your Property to Sell

First Impressions can be so important in achieving a sale. To give yourself the best possible opportunity of selling your property you should consider the following:

Please note that neither party has a legal obligation side until contracts are signed.

  • The entrance to your property should be easily accessible and presentable (trim overgrown shrubbery, clear pathways, paint your front door, fix loose handles).
  • Ensure your home is well lit and at a comfortable temperature for viewings.
  • De-clutter. Rooms always feel larger with less clutter
  • Ensure your property is well aired. A pleasant aroma can create a welcoming feel
  • A fresh coat of paint can really brighten up the surroundings.
  • Vacuum those carpets. Some may even benefit from a professional clean.
  • Address those odd jobs that you have been ignoring previously. Buyers will pick up on wobbly bannisters or mould build up on the bath sealant and they may wonder what other areas of the house are in need of repair.
  • Tidy up, and brighten up the garden.

Marketing your Property

Professional Marketing comes as standard.

Your property will be advertised in full colour, complete with floor-plan and EPC Certificate. Photographs will be taken on a Digital SLR with a Wide Angle Lens to ensure your property’s full features are effectively highlighted.

At Picklescott Homes we understand the importance of maximising enquiries from national, regional and local buyers. Research confirms that more buyers now commence their search via the internet. With our continued investment in our online presence we will appear in most key word searches in Google, again resulting in maximum enquiries. We also display properties on the major national property portals such as Rightmove.

Standing out from the crowd is easy with a distinctive 'For Sale' board. The unique Picklescott Homes branding certainly catches the eye of passing buyers and helps generate more interest.

Receiving an Offer

Once an offer is received our team will notify you both verbally and in writing. We will ensure that any special conditions will be stated in writing and we will qualify the prospective buyer’s position to check their ability to proceed. Armed with all of the above, we trust you will be in a better position to decide whether to accept the offer.

Offer Accepted

Once you have accepted an offer we will write to all parties to confirm the agreed price. We will then ask you to confirm your solicitor’s details. These details will be inserted into a sales memorandum which will then be issued to all parties involved in the sale.

Legal Process - Conveyancing

With your sale now agreed, due diligence commences. Your solicitor will send out draft contracts to the buyer’s solicitor who will proceed with preliminary enquiries. At this stage your solicitor will also look to agree potential exchange and completion dates with the buyer’s representative.

We will assist your solicitor with any enquiries and we will manage the process through to completion.

Exchange of contracts

You’re nearly there!!!

Once the buyer’s legal searches have been completed and enquiries satisfied you will proceed to exchange of contracts

At this point you will be required to sign contacts and the buyer will pay a pre purchase deposit, which is usually between 10-15 per cent of the purchase price. This deposit is usually telegraphically transferred or paid in the form of a banker's draft from the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor.

A mutually convenient completion date is then agreed between both parties meaning it’s time to put the champagne on ice.


On the day of completion the buyer’s solicitor will transfer the remaining balance to your solicitor’s account. Your solicitor will then call you to confirm receipt of the monies and will then inform us to release keys.

Congratulations are now in order. Your property is now sold!