Register your Interest

The first step to finding the right property with Picklescott Homes is to call us on 01788 576680. A member of our local team will take your details and carefully match those details to our advertised stock. Alternatively we would be delighted to meet you in person should you prefer to sit down with us to discuss your requirements. You can also register your details online using our contact form.

Viewings to Suit You

We understand the demands of our clients. Our opening hours are designed to ensure that we can show properties at times to suit you.

Our negotiators are available for viewings between 9am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

It’s always best to view a property at the earliest opportunity. Good properties, priced correctly and in desirable locations will always sell quickly regardless of market conditions. We can chauffeur you to your viewings ensuring you arrive in a relaxed frame of mind and accompany you throughout. Our viewers will be armed with local knowledge should you have any questions you would like to ask.

Instructing a Solicitor

A good solicitor is worth their weight in gold. When appointing a solicitor ensure that they are a conveyancing specialist. Remember that value is not always determined by price. The success rate of property purchases can be significantly increased by the instruction of an efficient and experienced solicitor.

Picklescott Homes has a selection of proven solicitors who would be happy to oversee your property transaction. Please ask for further details.

Make your Offer

The offer stage is hugely important in a successful property transaction. We will put forward your offer to the seller in writing and verbally over the phone. At this stage you must determine whether there are any special conditions of the offer. You may be required to provide financial evidence to support your proposed offer and to show an ability to proceed.

Please note that neither party has a legal obligation side until contracts are signed.

Offer Agreed

Once your offer has been accepted, the team at Picklescott Homes will facilitate the next step by:

  • Writing to all parties to confirm the agreed price and any special conditions.
  • Asking you to confirm details of your appointed solicitor and mortgage broker
  • Preparing a sales memorandum to be distributed to the appointed solicitors

You will need to confirm the details sent in the memorandum of sale and formally instruct both your chosen solicitor and mortgage broker.

The Legal Process - Conveyancing

With your purchase now agreed, due diligence commences. Your solicitor will need to ensure that there are no legal reasons as to why you should not proceed with a purchase. They will now:

  • Raise any enquiries on receipt of the draft contract from the seller's solicitor
  • Request their own local searches
  • Agree on a date for exchange of contracts

We will assist your solicitor in their enquiries and we will manage the process through to completion.

The Mortgage Offer

If you are not a cash purchaser you should already have a ‘Mortgage Agreement in Principle.’ In most cases this agreement in principle is made subject to a survey of the property. The mortgage lender will appoint a surveyor to attend the property who will advise on structural concerns and determine the property’s value.

Following the mortgage valuation and on receipt of the valuation report, your lender will formalise a mortgage offer which will be sent to you and your solicitor. This will need to be signed and returned at the earliest opportunity to ensure that funds will be transferred to your solicitors account in time for completion

Remember – There are no legal obligations until the contracts are signed.

Exchange of Contracts

You’re nearly there!!!

Once the legal searches have been completed and enquiries satisfied you will proceed to exchange of contracts

At this point you will be required to sign contacts and pay a pre purchase deposit, which is usually between 10-15 per cent of the purchase price. This deposit is usually telegraphically transferred or paid in the form of a banker's draft from your solicitor to the seller's solicitor.

A mutually convenient completion date is then agreed between both parties meaning it’s time to put the champagne on ice.


On the day of completion your solicitor will need to transfer the balance of any outstanding monies. Once we receive confirmation from the vendor’s solicitor that the transaction has been successfully processed then we will release the keys to your new property

Congratulations are now in order. You are now the legal owner of your new property.